Pranav Kumar

Corporate Law, Finance and Management Consultant

Welcome to my world. This website is an attempt to look at my journey so far, which has been wonderful full with learnings, enjoyment, success, failure, extreme conditions, wins and losses. Probably no adjectives can define one’s life. However it is always important, as said, look back, remember, cherish the past and then make a future for yourself, society and the country as a whole. The contents, views, details, memoirs and counts are all personal without any prejudice. The readers are requested not to draw any personal references. Any feedback /suggestions are always welcome. Read More..

My Writings

Poem(Naye Saal Ji)
Sanskrit Slokas
Poem(Badti AAbadi, kare Barbadi)
Poem(New Year)
Song written for "Namo Devyai" album

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